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Want to lose some extra pounds on your body?

It’s a good news for you that you can do it with a help of meal replacement shakes . Ready to get to know how?

First and foremost, you have to be aware that you should replace one or two of your meals with the meal replacement shake. In order to prepare a meal replacement shake, you will need to mix the shake powder with some water, juice, or milk.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we cordially invite you to join the 9th Congress on Women’s Health and Disease “From Puberty to Menopause” which will be held in August 28-30, 2014 in the Athens Hilton, Greece.

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Male and Female Attitude towards Breast Size

Practically all women are a kind of a mystery for the stronger sex. Moreover one can say that women themselves don’t often understand other women. Regardless of their appearance, women are always self-chastise. Usually, they’re dissatisfied with their hair, teeth, abdominal region, hips and, of course, breast shape and breast size. This may sound strange, but women with big natural breasts dream about small-sized busts and vice versa. In their turn, men are more easy-going with woman’s breast size. It goes without saying that most representatives of the stronger sex adore woman’s breast. More than that, they really have definite preferences concerning breast size and shape. But it often happens that amateurs of big breasts have girlfriends or wives with average or even small-sized boobs. The thing is that mutual love, trust and understanding are much more important for them when choosing life partners.

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Why do they like Women's breasts?

A woman’s breast has always heightened men’s interest. Breasts evoke sexual desire and make men adore and long for women. Most representatives of the stronger sex simply fly off the handle at the sight of nude beautiful breasts. There are many explanations for the increased attention to the female breast from the male side. Some psychologists have tried to find out the reasons of such male reactions and these are the results of their investigations:

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Cancer is not the Death Sentence

Cancer is the synonym of the word “death” for most people. And the most widespread kind of cancer is the breast cancer; according to the statistics, 10% of all the women in the world suffer from the disease. For the moment, early diagnostics and adequate treatment lead to good chances of full recovery. However, it’s not for nothing that the breast cancer is considered to be one of the most insidious diseases in the world. The thing is that cancer treatment is very effective only in the case of early cancellation. But women can hardly notice the first breast cancer symptoms by themselves, because these signs are rather weak and can be mixed up with a regular discomfort.

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